Brad Beukes

Licensee Salesperson

Brad is well known, approachable and well liked by all, be it in the Christchurch community and beyond, he is a social character with a great disposition. He will make you a friend for life and as the saying goes – "Friendship isn't a big thing, it’s a million little things."

Having worked in the web design field for many years his goal was to own his own company, which he went on to achieve. Bradbought out the company he was employed by and managed this very successfully for three years before selling this most valued business asset and entering into the real estate environment. Brad has also enjoyed being a trusted member of a highly popular Business Networking Company (BNI) and has served as president for a term for one of their chapters in Christchurch.

Working within a team allows Brad to apply his natural people skills and to use his ability to work confidently at all levels. His extensive technology experience and professional service has always been highly esteemed by his clients, customers and colleagues alike. He is determined to continue to work hard to achieve his goals and to excel in every area of business, continually delivering exceptional service. He measures his success by the quality of his relationships and recognises that in the long term, people are the successful real estate firm.

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