Leeanne Foote

Property Manager

Originally from the North Island Leeanne entered real estate as a Property Manager in 2009. Solely managing a portfolio of 180 properties, she gained award winning recognition for Excellence in Property Management in the Central/Wellington Regions.

An opportunity for a lifestyle change and new beginnings brought Leeanne to Christchurch 3.5 years ago, now calling Christchurch her home. Her promise is to always maintain and to continue providing professional expertise to each and all of her clients. Having been in the industry for almost 10 years, Leeanne's aim is to build continued relationships and to further enhance the reputation of Ray White Full Circle with her friendly and conscientious manner. She specialises in maintaining the 'NO tolerable rent arrears policy' along with assuring properties are kept and maintained to desirable levels.

Leeane has completed her NZQA Residential Property Management Certificate - Level 4.

“I do not come to the office because I have to, I come because I am passionate about property with every day being approached with an individual and personalised directive for each client”

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