Shane Paget

Licensee Agent

Shane has had over 25 years in business with 19 of those years in the real estate industry. The most rewarding have been the past 14 years supporting others in building their own successful real estate careers under the Ray White brand.

With so many diverse business and personal experiences, Shane is very grateful for those opportunities to have worked with so many truly wonderful people.

Supporting the growth of others to help them realise their full potential is a major driving force behind Shane owning and running his own business. Shane was early into the workforce as a young teenager and once he found the industry that appealed to him he went to Massey University to complete a diploma in business studies specialising in real estate.

Within the last ten years Shane has built a strong relationship with a network of developers and an awareness of the New Zealand market for new projects. Shane relishes the challenge to deal with each developer and their marketing requirements. He has also spent time helping with asset recovery work and fully understands the process which is required to get great results.

Shane has seen a new and exciting opportunity to be part of a major rebuild in Canterbury and it thrills him to combine all his skills to work on new projects, which will add further value to the community Shane has always lived along with his wife Jac and their two children.

Shane is prepared to think outside the box and is very open to new methods and finding the most productive way to promote new projects. He has an enthusiastic professional young team coming through to support him so that he has the ability to take on large appointments with confidence.

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